We Built a Fake News & Click-bait Filter: What Happened Next Will Blow Your Mind!

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Authors Georgi Karadzhov, Pepa Gencheva, Ivan Koychev, Preslav Nakov
Journal/Conference Name International Conference Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing, RANLP
Paper Category
Paper Abstract It is completely amazing! Fake news and click-baits have totally invaded the cyber space. Let us face it everybody hates them for three simple reasons. Reason #2 will absolutely amaze you. What these can achieve at the time of election will completely blow your mind! Now, we all agree, this cannot go on, you know, somebody has to stop it. So, we did this research on fake news/click-bait detection and trust us, it is totally great research, it really is! Make no mistake. This is the best research ever! Seriously, come have a look, we have it all neural networks, attention mechanism, sentiment lexicons, author profiling, you name it. Lexical features, semantic features, we absolutely have it all. And we have totally tested it, trust us! We have results, and numbers, really big numbers. The best numbers ever! Oh, and analysis, absolutely top notch analysis. Interested? Come read the shocking truth about fake news and click-bait in the Bulgarian cyber space. You won't believe what we have found!
Date of publication 2018
Code Programming Language Unspecified

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