Visualizing balances of compositional data: A new alternative to balance dendrograms

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Authors Thomas P. Quinn
Journal/Conference Name F1000Research
Paper Category
Paper Abstract Balances have become a cornerstone of compositional data analysis. However, conceptualizing balances is difficult, especially for high-dimensional data. Most often, investigators visualize balances with the balance dendrogram, but this technique is not necessarily intuitive and does not scale well for large data. This manuscript introduces the 'balance' package for the R programming language. This package visualizes balances of compositional data using an alternative to the balance dendrogram. This alternative contains the same information coded by the balance dendrogram, but projects data on a common scale that facilitates direct comparisons and accommodates high-dimensional data. By stripping the branches from the tree, 'balance' can cleanly visualize any subset of balances without disrupting the interpretation of the remaining balances. As an example, this package is applied to a publicly available meta-genomics data set measuring the relative abundance of 500 microbe taxa.
Date of publication 2018
Code Programming Language R

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