Unique Word Based Frequency Domain Equalization with Noise Prediction

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MATLAB code for the paper: “Unique Word Based Frequency Domain Equalization with Noise Prediction”.

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Authors Le-nam Tran, and Een-kee Hong
Journal/Conference Name IEEE Communications Letters
Paper Category
Paper Abstract Recently, the frequency domain equalization with time domain noise prediction (FDE-NP) has been proposed as an alternative to hybrid decision feedback equalization (HDFE). The current FDE-NP structures use the cyclic prefix (CP) extension (FDE-NP-CP). However, the unknown nature of CP degrades the performance of FDE-NP due to error propagation. This letter proposes a unique word (UW) based FDE-NP (FDE-NP-UW) that can yield better performance. Both optimal and suboptimal designs of the FDE-NP-UW are presented. We observe that the optimal FDE-NP-UW provides a performance gain of about 1.5 dB over the FDE-NP-CP, and about 0.5 dB over the suboptimal design at a BER of 10 -3 .
Date of publication 2008
Code Programming Language MATLAB

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