Tracking a dynamic sparse channel via differential orthogonal matching pursuit

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Authors Xudong Zhu, Linglong Dai, Wei P. Dai, Zhaocheng Wang, Marc Moonen
Journal/Conference Name MILCOM - IEEE Military Communications…
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Paper Abstract This paper considers the problem of tracking a dynamic sparse channel in a broadband wireless communication system. A probabilistic signal model is firstly proposed to describe the special features of temporal correlations of dynamic sparse channels: path delays change slowly over time, while path gains evolve faster. Based on such temporal correlations, we then propose the differential orthogonal matching pursuit (D-OMP) algorithm to track a dynamic sparse channel in a sequential way by updating the small channel variation over time. Compared with other channel tracking algorithms, simulation results demonstrate that the proposed D-OMP algorithm can track dynamic sparse channels faster with improved accuracy.
Date of publication 2015
Code Programming Language MATLAB

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