Text normalization using memory augmented neural networks

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Authors Aman Hussain, Subhojeet Pramanik
Journal/Conference Name Speech Communication
Paper Category
Paper Abstract We perform text normalization, i.e. the transformation of words from the written to the spoken form, using a memory augmented neural network. With the addition of dynamic memory access and storage mechanism, we present a neural architecture that will serve as a language-agnostic text normalization system while avoiding the kind of unacceptable errors made by the LSTM-based recurrent neural networks. By successfully reducing the frequency of such mistakes, we show that this novel architecture is indeed a better alternative. Our proposed system requires significantly lesser amounts of data, training time and compute resources. Additionally, we perform data up-sampling, circumventing the data sparsity problem in some semiotic classes, to show that sufficient examples in any particular class can improve the performance of our text normalization system. Although a few occurrences of these errors still remain in certain semiotic classes, we demonstrate that memory augmented networks with meta-learning capabilities can open many doors to a superior text normalization system.
Date of publication 2018
Code Programming Language Jupyter Notebook

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