Sum Power Iterative Water-filling for Multi-antenna Gaussian Broadcast Channels

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MATLAB code for the paper: “Sum Power Iterative Water-filling for Multi-antenna Gaussian Broadcast Channels”.

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Authors N. Jindal, Wonjong Rhee, S. Vishwanath, S.A. Jafar, and A. Goldsmith
Journal/Conference Name IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
Paper Category
Paper Abstract In this correspondence, we consider the problem of maximizing sum rate of a multiple-antenna Gaussian broadcast channel (BC). It was recently found that dirty-paper coding is capacity achieving for this channel. In order to achieve capacity, the optimal transmission policy (i.e., the optimal transmit covariance structure) given the channel conditions and power constraint must be found. However, obtaining the optimal transmission policy when employing dirty-paper coding is a computationally complex nonconvex problem. We use duality to transform this problem into a well-structured convex multiple-access channel (MAC) problem. We exploit the structure of this problem and derive simple and fast iterative algorithms that provide the optimum transmission policies for the MAC, which can easily be mapped to the optimal BC policies.
Date of publication 2005
Code Programming Language MATLAB

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