strataG: An R package for manipulating, summarizing and analysing population genetic data

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Authors Frederick I. Archer, Paula Adams, Brita B. Schneiders
Journal/Conference Name Molecular ecology resources
Paper Category
Paper Abstract We introduce the r package stratag as a user-friendly population genetics toolkit. stratag provides easy access to a suite of standard genetic summaries as well as the ability to rapidly manipulate stratified genetic data for custom analyses. Tests of population subdivision with most common measures of population subdivision (e.g., FST , GST , ΦST , Χ2 ) can be conducted within a single function. The package also provides wrapper functions that allow users to configure and run popular external programs such as genepop, structure, and fastsimcoal from within r, and smoothly interface with popular r packages adegenet and pegas. stratag is intended to be an open-source dynamic package that will grow with future needs and user input.
Date of publication 2017
Code Programming Language R

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