STR-validator: An open source platform for validation and process control

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Authors Oskar Hansson, Peter Gill, , Thore Egeland,
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Paper Abstract This paper addresses two problems faced when short tandem repeat (STR) systems are validated for forensic purposes: (1) validation is extremely time consuming and expensive, and (2) there is strong consensus about what to validate but not how. The first problem is solved by powerful data processing functions to automate calculations. Utilising an easy-to-use graphical user interface, strvalidator (hereafter referred to as STR-validator) can greatly increase the speed of validation. The second problem is exemplified by a series of analyses, and subsequent comparison with published material, highlighting the need for a common validation platform. If adopted by the forensic community STR-validator has the potential to standardise the analysis of validation data. This would not only facilitate information exchange but also increase the pace at which laboratories are able to switch to new technology.
Date of publication 2014
Code Programming Language R

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