Statistical semantics for enhancing document clustering

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MATLAB code for semantic representation of documents using term-term correlation

Authors Ahmed K. Farahat and Mohamed S. Kamel
Journal/Conference Name Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS)
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Paper Abstract Document clustering algorithms usually use vector space model (VSM) as their underlying model for document representation. VSM assumes that terms are independent and accordingly ignores any semantic relations between them. This results in mapping documents to a space where the proximity between document vectors does not reflect their true semantic similarity. This paper proposes new models for document representation that capture semantic similarity between documents based on measures of correlations between their terms. The paper uses the proposed models to enhance the effectiveness of different algorithms for document clustering. The proposed representation models define a corpus-specific semantic similarity by estimating measures of term–term correlations from the documents to be clustered. The corpus of documents accordingly defines a context in which semantic similarity is calculated. Experiments have been conducted on thirteen benchmark data sets to empirically evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed models and compare them to VSM and other well-known models for capturing semantic similarity.
Date of publication 2011
Code Programming Language MATLAB
Comment If you use the code, please cite the paper.

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