Spatial association between regionalizations using the information-theoretical V-measure

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Authors Jakub Nowosad, Tomasz F. Stepinski
Journal/Conference Name International Journal of Geographical Information…
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Paper Abstract ABSTRACTThere is a keen interest in calculating spatial associations between two variables spanning the same study area. Many methods for calculating such associations have been proposed, but the case when both variables are categorical is underdeveloped despite the fact that many datasets of interest are in the form of either regionalizations or thematic maps. In this paper, we advance this case by adapting the so-called -measure method from its original information-theoretical formulation to the analysis of variance formulation which provides more insight for spatial analysis. We present a step-by-step derivation of the -measure from the perspective of the analysis of variance. The method produces three indices of global association and two sets of local association indicators which could be mapped to indicate spatial distribution of association strength. The open-source software for calculating all indices from vector datasets accompanies the paper. To showcase the utility of the -measure, we identifie...
Date of publication 2018
Code Programming Language R

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