Smooth Supersaturated Models

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Authors Ron A. Bates, Hugo Maruri-Aguilar, Henry P. Wynn
Journal/Conference Name Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation
Paper Category
Paper Abstract In areas such as kernel smoothing and non-parametric regression there is emphasis on smooth interpolation and smooth statistical models. Splines are known to have optimal smoothness properties in one and higher dimensions. It is shown, with special attention to polynomial models, that smooth interpolators can be constructed by first extending the monomial basis and then minimising a measure of smoothness with respect to the free parameters in the extended basis. Algebraic methods are a help in choosing the extended basis which can also be found as a saturated basis for an extended experimental design with dummy design points. One can get arbitrarily close to optimal smoothing for any dimension and over any region, giving a simple alternative models of spline type. The relationship to splines is shown in one and two dimensions. A case study is given which includes benchmarking against kriging methods.
Date of publication 2008
Code Programming Language R

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