Shp2graph: Tools to Convert a Spatial Network into an Igraph Graph in R

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Authors Binbin Lu, Huabo Sun, Paul Harris, Miaozhong Xu, Martin Charlton
Journal/Conference Name ISPRS Int. J. Geo-Information
Paper Category
Paper Abstract In this study, we introduce the R package shp2graph, which provides tools to convert a spatial network into an ‘igraph’ graph of the igraphR package. This conversion greatly empowers a spatial network study, as the vast array of graph analytical tools provided in igraph are then readily available to the network analysis, together with the inherent advantages of being within the R statistical computing environment and its vast array of statistical functions. Through three urban road network case studies, the calculation of road network distances with shp2graph and with igraph is demonstrated through four key stages: (i) confirming the connectivity of a spatial network; (ii) integrating points/locations with a network; (iii) converting a network into a graph; and (iv) calculating network distances (and travel times). Throughout, the required R commands are given to provide a useful tutorial on the use of shp2graph.
Date of publication 2018
Code Programming Language R

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