Self-Organizing-Queue Based Clustering

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MATLAB code for the paper: “Self-Organizing-Queue Based Clustering”.

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Authors Baohua Sun, and Dapeng Wu
Journal/Conference Name IEEE Signal Processing Letters
Paper Category
Paper Abstract In this letter, we consider the problem of clustering, given the similarity matrix of a set of data points or nodes; this problem is a.k.a. graph clustering. Spectral clustering techniques are typically used to solve this problem. The performance of the existing spectral clustering techniques is not satisfactory for many applications. To improve the performance, we take a bio-inspired approach to the graph clustering problem and enable fictitious queues with self-organizing capability to group similar nodes into the same cluster; we call the resulting scheme, Self-Organizing-Queue (SOQ) clustering scheme. Experimental results have demonstrated the superiority of our SOQ scheme over the existing spectral clustering techniques and K-means algorithm.
Date of publication 2012
Code Programming Language MATLAB

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