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Authors Hemant Ishwaran, Udaya B. Kogalur
Journal/Conference Name R News
Paper Category
Paper Abstract N-heterocyclosulfonyl-N'-pyrimidinylureas and N-heterocyclosulfonyl-N'-triazinylureas of the general formula I (I) wherein X is oxygen, sulfur, Y is oxygen or sulfur, Z is oxygen or sulfur, E is nitrogen or -CH=, R1 is hydrogen, C1-C4alkyl, C1-C4haloalkyl, C1-C4haloalkoxy, C1-C4alkoxy, halogen, C1-C4alkylthio, -NR6R7 or alkoxyalkyl containing not more than 4 carbon atoms, R2 is hydrogen, C1-C3alkyl, C1-C3 haloalkyl, halogen, nitro, C1-C3alkoxy, -SO2-NR6R7, -SOn-C1-C3alkyl or -CO-R9, R3 is hydrogen, halogen, C1-C3alkyl, methoxy, nitro or trifluoromethyl, R4 is hydrogen, C1-C4alkyl, C1-C4cyanoalkyl, C314 C6cycloalkyl, benzyl, -CO-C1-C4alkoxy, -CO-NR6R7 or -CO-C1-C4alkyl which is unsubstituted or substituted by 1 to 3 halogen atoms, R5 is hydrogen, nitro, fluorine, chlorine, bromine, methyl, trifluoromethyl, -SOn-C1-C3alkyl, -CO-C1-C4alkoxy or C1-C3alkoxy, R6 is hydrogen, C1-C6alkyl, C1-C4cyanoalkyl, methoxy or ethoxy, R7 is hydrogen, C1-C6alkyl or C3-C6alkenyl, or R6 and R7, together with the nitrogen atom to which they are attached, form a 5- or 6-membered saturated heterocyclic ring which may contain an oxygen or a sulfur atom as ring member, R8 is hydrogen, C1-C6alkyl, C1-C4haloalkyl, C3-C6cycloalkyl, C4-Chd 7cycloalkylalkyl or alkoxyalkyl containing not more than 4 carbon atoms, R9 is C1-C6alkoxy, C3-C6alkenyloxy, C3-C6alkynyloxy, C2-C6haloalkoxy, C1-C4cyanoalkoxy, C1-C6alkylthio, C3-C6alkenylthio, C3-C6alkynylthio, C5-C6cycloalkoxy, C4-C7cycloalkylalkoxy, -NR6R7 or alkoxyalkoxy containing not more than 6 carbon atoms, W is oxygen or =N-O-R10, wherein R10 is hydrogen, C1-C6alkyl or C3-C6alkenyl, and n is a value from 0 to 2 and the salts of these compounds with amines, alkali metal bases or alkaline earth metal bases or with quaternary ammonium bases, have good preemergence and postemergence selective herbicidal and growth regulating properties.
Date of publication 2007
Code Programming Language R

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