Occurrence of blood feeding terrestrial leeches in a degraded forest ecosystem

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Authors Drinkwater, Rosie; Drinkwater, Rosie; Swinfield, Tom; Deere, Nicolas J
Journal/Conference Name Ecological Indicators
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Paper Abstract This dataset includes the abundance of two species of terrestrial leech collected at multiple sites at the SAFE project in Sabah, Malaysia. Leech collections took place over two seasons, one in the dry season of 2015 and one in the wet season of 2016. For each of the sites, four repeated visits took place and 20 minute searches were conducted within the boundaries of 25 m2 vegetation plots. As these sites have been subjected to differennt degrees of current and historic degradation, the vegetation structure data is also included for each site. For a subset of the leech sites there is corresponding mammal detection data from camera traps across the landscape, which is also included in this dataset.
Date of publication 2019
Code Programming Language R

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