Multivariate Process Capability Vector Based on One-Sided Model

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Authors Krzysztof Ciupke
Journal/Conference Name Quality and Reliability Eng. Int.
Paper Category
Paper Abstract To evaluate the capability of manufacturing processes in satisfying the customer's needs, a variety of indices has been developed. Some of them are introduced by researchers to analyse the processes with multivariate quality characteristics. Most of the proposed in the literature multivariate capability indices are defined under assumption of normality distribution of the quality characteristics. Thus, the process region describing the variation of the data has an elliptical shape. In this paper, a multivariate process capability vector with three components is introduced, which allows to access the capability of a process with both normally and non-normally quality characteristics due to application of a pair of one-sided models as the process region shape. At the beginning, one-sided models are defined, next the proposed vector components are proposed and the methodology of their evaluation is presented. The methodology (which in fact could be also applied to both the correlated and non-correlated characteristics) is verified by applying simulation and real problems. The obtained results show that the proposed methodology performs satisfactorily in all considered cases. Copyright © 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
Date of publication 2015
Code Programming Language R

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