Multiscale analysis of river networks using the R package linbin

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Authors Ethan Z. Welty, Christian E. Torgersen, Samuel J. Brenkman, Jeffrey J. Duda, Jonathan B. Armstrong
Journal/Conference Name North American Journal of Fisheries Management
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Paper Abstract Analytical tools are needed in riverine science and management to bridge the gap between GIS and statistical packages that were not designed for the directional and dendritic structure of streams. We introduce linbin, an R package developed for the analysis of riverscapes at multiple scales. With this software, riverine data on aquatic habitat and species distribution can be scaled and plotted automatically with respect to their position in the stream network or—in the case of temporal data—their position in time. The linbin package aggregates data into bins of different sizes as specified by the user. We provide case studies illustrating the use of the software for (1) exploring patterns at different scales by aggregating variables at a range of bin sizes, (2) comparing repeat observations by aggregating surveys into bins of common coverage, and (3) tailoring analysis to data with custom bin designs. Furthermore, we demonstrate the utility of linbin for summarizing patterns throughout an entire ...
Date of publication 2015
Code Programming Language R

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