MonoPhy: a simple R package to find and visualize monophyly issues

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Authors Orlando Schwery, Brian C. O'Meara
Journal/Conference Name PeerJ Computer Science
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Paper Abstract Background. The monophyly of taxa is an important attribute of a phylogenetic tree. A lack of it may hint at shortcomings of either the tree or the current taxonomy, or can indicate cases of incomplete lineage sorting or horizontal gene transfer. Whichever is the reason, a lack of monophyly can misguide subsequent analyses. While monophyly is conceptually simple, it is manually tedious and time consuming to assess on modern phylogenies of hundreds to thousands of species. Results. The R package MonoPhy allows assessment and exploration of monophyly of taxa in a phylogeny. It can assess themonophyly of genera using the phylogeny only, and with an additional input file any other desired higher order taxa or unranked groups can be checked as well. Conclusion. Summary tables, easily subsettable results and several visualization options allow quick and convenient exploration of monophyly issues, thus makingMonoPhy a valuable tool for any researcher working with phylogenies. Subjects Bioinformatics, Computational Biology
Date of publication 2016
Code Programming Language R

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