MedOr: Order of Medians Based on Confidence Statements

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Authors Basilio B. Pereira, Adriano Polpo
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Paper Abstract Comparing two samples in relation to corresponding parameters of their respective populations is an old and classical statistical problem. In this paper we present a simple yet effective tool to compare two samples through their medians. We calculate the confidence of the statement “the median of the first population is strictly smaller (larger) than the median of the second.” We analyze two real data sets and empirically demonstrate the quality of the confidence for such statement. This confidence of the order of the medians is to be seen as a pre-analysis tool that can provide useful insights for comparing two or more populations. The method is completely based on their exact distribution with no need for asymptotic considerations. We also provide the MedOr statistical software, an R package that implements the ideas discussed in this work.
Date of publication 2012
Code Programming Language R

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