Interference Alignment-Aided Base Station Clustering using Coalition Formation

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Julia simulation environment for “Interference Alignment-Aided Base Station Clustering using Coalition Formation” (Asilomar’15) and “Distributed Long-Term Base Station Clustering in Cellular Networks using Coalition Formation” (IEEE TSIPN 2016).

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Authors R. Brandt, R. Mochaourab, M. Bengtsson
Journal/Conference Name Asilomar Conf. Signals, Systems, Computers (Asilomar'15)
Paper Category
Paper Abstract Base station clustering is necessary in large interference networks, where the channel state information (CSI) acquisition overhead otherwise would be overwhelming. In this paper, we propose a novel long-term throughput model for the clustered users which addresses the balance between interference mitigation capability and CSI acquisition overhead. The model only depends on statistical CSI, thus enabling long-term clustering. Based on notions from coalitional game theory, we propose a low-complexity distributed clustering method. The algorithm converges in a couple of iterations, and only requires limited communication between base stations. Numerical simulations show the viability of the proposed approach.
Date of publication 2015
Code Programming Language Julia

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