Graph-based Hub Gene Selection Technique using Protein Interaction Information: Application to Sample Classification

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Authors Pratik Dutta, Sriparna Saha, Saurabh Gulati
Journal/Conference Name IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics
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Paper Abstract Classification of samples of gene expression profile plays a significant role in prediction and diagnosis of diseases. In the task of sample classification, a robust feature selection algorithm is very much essential to identify the important genes from the high dimensional gene expression data. This paper explores the information of protein-protein interaction with a graph mining technique for finding a proper subset of features (genes), which further takes part in sample classification. Here, our contribution for feature selection is three-fold first, all the genes are grouped into different clusters based on the integrated information of the gene expression values and their protein interactions using a multi-objective optimization based clustering approach. Second, the confidence scores of the protein interactions are incorporated in a popular graph mining algorithm namely Goldberg algorithm to find out the relevant features. These features are the topologically and functionally significant genes, named as hub genes. Finally, these hub genes are identified varying the degrees of the nodes, and those are utilized for the sample classification task. Different machine learning classifiers are exploited for this purpose, and the classification performance is measured with respect to various performance metrics namely accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, precision, F-measure, and Mathews coefficient correlation. Comparative analysis with respect to two baselines and several existing approaches proves the efficiency of the proposed approach. Furthermore, the robustness of the identified hub-gene modules is endorsed using some strong biological significance analysis.
Date of publication 2019
Code Programming Language Python

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