Generalized blockmodeling of valued networks

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Authors Ales Ziberna
Journal/Conference Name Social Networks
Paper Category
Paper Abstract The paper presents several approaches to generalized blockmodeling of valued networks, where values of the ties are assumed to be measured on at least interval scale. The first approach is a straightforward generalization of the generalized blockmodeling of binary networks [Doreian, P., Batagelj, V., Ferligoj, A., 2005. Generalized Blockmodeling. Cambridge University Press, New York.] to valued blockmodeling. The second approach is homogeneity blockmodeling. The basic idea of homogeneity blockmodeling is that the inconsistency of an empirical block with its ideal block can be measured by within block variability of appropriate values. New ideal blocks appropriate for blockmodeling of valued networks are presented together with definitions of their block inconsistencies.
Date of publication 2007
Code Programming Language R

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