FlexParamCurve: R package for flexible fitting of nonlinear parametric curves

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Authors Stephen A. Oswald, Ian C. T. Nisbet, André Chiaradia, Jennifer Marie Arnold
Journal/Conference Name Methods in Ecology and Evolution
Paper Category
Paper Abstract Summary 1. Nonlinear, parametric curve-fitting provides a framework for understanding diverse ecological and evolutionary trends (e.g. growth patterns and seasonal cycles). Currently, parametric curve-fitting requires ap rioriassumptions of curve trajectories, restricting their use for exploratory analyses. Furthermore, use of analytical techniques [nonlinear least-squares (NLS) and nonlinear mixedeffects models] for complex parametric curves requires efficient choice of starting parameters. 2. We illustrate the new R package FlexParamCurve that automates curve selection and provides tools to analyse nonmonotonic curve data in NLS and nonlinear mixed-effects models. Examples include empirical and simulated data sets for the growth of seabird chicks. 3. By automating curve selection and parameterization during curve-fitting, FlexParamCurve extends current possibilities for parametric analysis in ecological and evolutionary studies.
Date of publication 2012
Code Programming Language R

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