Flexible Codebook Design for Limited Feedback Systems via Sequential Smooth Optimization on the Grassmannian manifold

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This package can be used to generate Grassmannian line/subspace packings which have important applications in codebook-based wireless feedback systems, in addition to many other applications. The current version is able to generate the following:
1- Complex Grassmannian Line packing
2- Complex Grassmannian Line Packing with Constant Modulus
3- Line Packings with Defined Alphabet.
4- Complex Grassmannian Subspace Packing with Fubini Study distance metric
The definitions of these classes of packings and how they are generated can be found in http://www.ece.mcmaster.ca/~davidson/pubs/Flexible_codebook_design.html

Authors Ahmed Medra and Timothy N. Davidson
Journal/Conference Name IEEE Transactions in Signal Processing
Paper Category
Paper Abstract
Date of publication 2014
Code Programming Language Matlab

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