fitplc – an R package to fit hydraulic vulnerability curves

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Authors Remko A Duursma, Brendan Choat
Journal/Conference Name {Journal of Plant Hydraulics
Paper Category
Paper Abstract We describe a toolkit to fit hydraulic vulnerability curves, such as the percent loss of xylem hydraulic conductivity ('PLC curves') as a function of the water potential. The toolkit is implemented as an R package, and is thus free to use and open source. The package fits the Weibull or sigmoidal function to measurements of PLC, conductance or conductivity, at corresponding leaf or stem water potentials. From the fitted curve, estimates of Px (the water potential at which x% conductivity is lost, e.g. the P50), and slope parameter (Sx) are provided together with confidence intervals (CI) around the fitted line. The CIs are estimated with the bootstrap. We also demonstrate the advantages of using mixed-effects models in situations where multiple individuals are measured on a species, as compared to the more traditional approach of fitting curves separately and averaging the parameters. We demonstrate the use of the new package with example data on seven species measured with two different techniques.
Date of publication 2017
Code Programming Language R

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