FFDNet: Toward a Fast and Flexible Solution for CNN based Image Denoising

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MATLAB code for the following paper “FFDNet: Toward a Fast and Flexible Solution for CNN based Image Denoising”.

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Authors K. Zhang, W. Zuo, L. Zhang
Journal/Conference Name IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
Paper Category
Paper Abstract Due to the fast inference and good performance, discriminative learning methods have been widely studied in image denoising. However, these methods mostly learn a specific model for each noise level, and require multiple models for denoising images with different noise levels. They also lack flexibility to deal with spatially variant noise, limiting their applications in practical denoising. To address these issues, we present a fast and flexible denoising convolutional neural network, namely FFDNet, with a tunable noise level map as the input. The proposed FFDNet works on down sampled sub-images, achieving a good trade-off between inference speed and denoising performance. In contrast to the existing discriminative denoisers, FFDNet enjoys several desirable properties, including (i) the ability to handle a wide range of noise levels (i.e., [0,75]) effectively with a single network, (ii) the ability to remove spatially variant noise by specifying a non-uniform noise level map, and (iii) faster speed than benchmark BM3D even on CPU without sacrificing denoising performance. Extensive experiments on synthetic and real noisy images are conducted to evaluate FFDNet in comparison with state-of-the-art denoisers. The results show that FFDNet is effective and efficient, making it highly attractive for practical denoising applications
Date of publication 2018
Code Programming Language MATLAB

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