Fast algorithm for the 3-D DCT-II

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Authors S. Boussakta, Hamoud O. Alshibami
Journal/Conference Name IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing
Paper Category
Paper Abstract Recently, many applications for three-dimensional (3-D) image and video compression have been proposed using 3-D discrete cosine transforms (3-D DCTs). Among different types of DCTs, the type-II DCT (DCT-II) is the most used. In order to use the 3-D DCTs in practical applications, fast 3-D algorithms are essential. Therefore, in this paper, the 3-D vector-radix decimation-in-frequency (3-D VR DIF) algorithm that calculates the 3-D DCT-II directly is introduced. The mathematical analysis and the implementation of the developed algorithm are presented, showing that this algorithm possesses a regular structure, can be implemented in-place for efficient use of memory, and is faster than the conventional row-column-frame (RCF) approach. Furthermore, an application of 3-D video compression-based 3-D DCT-II is implemented using the 3-D new algorithm. This has led to a substantial speed improvement for 3-D DCT-II-based compression systems and proved the validity of the developed algorithm.
Date of publication 2004
Code Programming Language Matlab

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