Effective ergodicity in single-spin-flip dynamics

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Authors Mehmet Suzen
Journal/Conference Name Phys. Rev. E
Paper Category
Paper Abstract A quantitative measure of convergence to effective ergodicity, Thirumalai-Mountain (TM) metric, is applied to Metropolis and Glauber single spin flip dynamics. In computing this measure, finite lattice ensemble averages are obtained using the exact solution for one dimensional Ising model, where as, the time averages are computed with Monte Carlo simulations. The time evolution of effective ergodic convergence of Ising magnetization is monitored. By this approach, diffusion regimes of the effective ergodic convergence of magnetization are identified for different lattice sizes, non-zero temperature and non-zero external field values. Results show that caution should be taken using TM metric at system parameters that give rise to strong correlations.
Date of publication 2014
Code Programming Language R

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