EcoGenetics: An R package for the management and exploratory analysis of spatial data in landscape genetics

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Authors Leandro Gabriel Roser, Laura Inés Ferreyra, Beatriz Ofelia Saidman, Juan César Vilardi
Journal/Conference Name Molecular ecology resources
Paper Category
Paper Abstract The integration of ecology and genetics has become established in recent decades, in hand with the development of new technologies, whose implementation is allowing an improvement of the tools used for data analysis. In a landscape genetics context, integrative management of population information from different sources can make spatial studies involving phenotypic, genotypic and environmental data simpler, more accessible and faster. Tools for exploratory analysis of autocorrelation can help to uncover the spatial genetic structure of populations and generate appropriate hypotheses in searching for possible causes and consequences of their spatial processes. This study presents EcoGenetics, an R package with tools for multisource management and exploratory analysis in landscape genetics.
Date of publication 2017
Code Programming Language R

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