Delft Research Controller: an open-source and community-driven wind turbine baseline controller

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Authors SP Mulders, JW van Wingerden
Journal/Conference Name Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Paper Category
Paper Abstract Wind energy research groups from various disciplines generally use self-developed baseline wind turbine control implementations and tunings, which complicates the evaluation and comparison of new control algorithms. To solve this problem, the Delft Research Controller (DRC) provides an open, modular and fully adaptable baseline wind turbine controller to the scientific community. New control implementations can be added to the existing baseline controller, and in this way, convenient assessments of the proposed algorithms is possible. Because of the open character and modular set-up, scientists are able to collaborate and contribute in making continuous improvements to the code. The DRC is being developed in Fortran and uses the Bladed-style DISCON controller interface. The compiled controller is configured by a single control settings parameter file, and can work with any wind turbine model and simulation software using the DISCON interface. Baseline parameter files are supplied for the NREL 5-MW and DTU 10-MW reference wind turbines.
Date of publication 2018
Code Programming Language Fortran

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