BDgraph: An R Package for Bayesian Structure Learning in Graphical Models

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Authors R Aziz Mohammadi, Ernst C. Wit
Journal/Conference Name Journal of Statistical Software
Paper Category
Paper Abstract Graphical models provide powerful tools to uncover complicated patterns in multivariate data and are commonly used in Bayesian statistics and machine learning. In this paper, we introduce an R package BDgraph which performs Bayesian structure learning for general undirected graphical models with either continuous or discrete variables. The package efficiently implements recent improvements in the Bayesian literature. To speed up computations, the computationally intensive tasks have been implemented in C++ and interfaced with R. In addition, the package contains several functions for simulation and visualization, as well as two multivariate datasets taken from the literature and are used to describe the package capabilities. The paper includes a brief overview of the statistical methods which have been implemented in the package. The main body of the paper explains how to use the package. Furthermore, we illustrate the package's functionality in both real and artificial examples, as well as in an extensive simulation study.
Date of publication 2015
Code Programming Language R

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