BACA: bubble chArt to compare annotations

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Authors Vittorio Fortino, Harri Alenius, Dario Greco
Journal/Conference Name BMC Bioinformatics
Paper Category
Paper Abstract BackgroundDAVID is the most popular tool for interpreting large lists of gene/proteins classically produced in high-throughput experiments. However, the use of DAVID website becomes difficult when analyzing multiple gene lists, for it does not provide an adequate visualization tool to show/compare multiple enrichment results in a concise and informative manner.ResultWe implemented a new R-based graphical tool, BACA (Bubble chArt to Compare Annotations), which uses the DAVID web service for cross-comparing enrichment analysis results derived from multiple large gene lists. BACA is implemented in R and is freely available at the CRAN repository ( package BACA allows R users to combine multiple annotation charts into one output graph by passing DAVID website.
Date of publication 2015
Code Programming Language R

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