areal: An R package for areal weighted interpolation

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Authors Christopher Prener, Charles Revord
Journal/Conference Name J. Open Source Software
Paper Category
Paper Abstract Population data are often available at various levels of aggregation, such as census tracts or block groups in the United States or output areas in the United Kingdom. These units are often drawn for convenience and not because they represent some commonly accepted area in residents’ lived experiences. Despite this, researchers often use them as proxies for neighborhoods since they come with readily available demographic data. Researchers who do wish to move past these proxies and produce population estimates for other geographies typically resort to developing their own, often manual, implementations of the areal weighted interpolation workflow (Qiu, Zhang, & Zhou, 2012). The lack of reliable and easy to use software that implements this technique has therefore served as an additional barrier to using local neighborhood boundaries in research.
Date of publication 2019
Code Programming Language R

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