ammistability: R package for ranking genotypes based on stability parameters derived from AMMI model

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Authors B.C Ajay, J. Aravind, R. Abdul Fiyaz
Journal/Conference Name Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding
Paper Category
Paper Abstract Selection of genotype for target environment is affected by genotype-by-environment interactions (GEI) and AMMI model is widely used tool to analyse GEI. AMMI does not quantify stability measure making it difficult to rank genotypes. To overcome this lacuna AMMI model output is used to quantify stability measures and rank genotypes. Of several stability measures available in literature, only AMMI stability value (ASV) is implemented in package ‘agricole’ and others have not been implemented in any other R packages. ‘ammistability’ uses output from ‘AMMI’ function in ‘agricolae’ package and computes various stability parameters for AMMI model. Further, genotypes are ranked on the basis of simultaneous selection of yield and stability (SSI). Package also helps to study association among several stability measures.
Date of publication 2018
Code Programming Language R

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