A toolbox for fuzzy clustering using the R programming language

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Authors Maria Brigida Ferraro, Paolo Giordani
Journal/Conference Name Fuzzy Sets and Systems
Paper Category
Paper Abstract Fuzzy clustering is used extensively in several domains of research. In the literature, starting from the well-known fuzzy k -means (f k m) clustering algorithm, an increasing number of papers devoted to f k m and its extensions can be found. Nevertheless, a lack of the related software for implementing these algorithms can be observed preventing their use in practice. Even the standard f k m is not necessarily available in the most common software. For this purpose, a new toolbox for fuzzy clustering using the R programming language is presented by examples. The toolbox, called fclust , contains a suit of fuzzy clustering algorithms, fuzzy cluster validity indices and visualization tools for fuzzy clustering results.
Date of publication 2015
Code Programming Language R

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