A Multi-Scale Bilateral Structure Tensor Based Corner Detector

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MATLAB code for the paper: “”A Multi-Scale Bilateral Structure Tensor Based Corner Detector”.

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Authors Lin Zhang, Lei Zhang, and David Zhang
Journal/Conference Name 2009 Asian Conference of Computer Vision (ACCV 2009)
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Paper Abstract In this paper, a novel multi-scale nonlinear structure tensor based corner detection algorithm is proposed to improve effectively the classical Harris corner detector. By considering both the spatial and gradient distances of neighboring pixels, a nonlinear bilateral structure tensor is constructed to ex-amine the image local pattern. It can be seen that the linear structure tensor used in the original Harris corner detector is a special case of the proposed bilateral one by considering only the spatial distance. Moreover, a multi-scale filtering scheme is developed to tell the trivial structures from true corners based on their different characteristics in multiple scales. The comparison between the proposed approach and four representative and state-of-the-art corner detectors shows that our method has much better performance in terms of both detection rate and localization accuracy.
Date of publication 2009
Code Programming Language MATLAB

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