A ground motion selection algorithm based on the generalized conditional intensity measure approach

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Authors Brendon A. Bradley
Journal/Conference Name Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
Paper Category
Paper Abstract An algorithm is presented for the selection of ground motions for use in seismic response analysis. The algorithm is based on the use of random realizations from the conditional multivariate distribution of ground motion intensity measures, IM|IMj, obtained from the generalized conditional intensity measure (GCIM) approach. The algorithm can be applied to the selection of both as-recorded amplitude-scaled and synthetic/simulated ground motions. A key feature is that the generality of the GCIM methodology allows for ground motion selection based on only explicit measures of the ground motions themselves, as represented by the various IM’s considered, rather than implicit causal parameters (e.g., source magnitude, source-to-site distance) which are presently used in other contemporary ground motion selection procedures. Several examples are used to illustrate the salient features of the algorithm, including the effect of intensity measures considered; and the properties of ground motions selected for multiple exceedance probabilities. The flexibility of the proposed algorithm coupled with the GCIM methodology allows for objective and consistent ground motion selection as a natural extension of seismic hazard analysis.
Date of publication 2012
Code Programming Language JavaScript

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