A C Code Generator for Fast Inference and Simple Deployment of Convolutional Neural Networks on Resource Constrained Systems

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Authors Sören Kerner, Arne Moos, Oliver Urbann, Simon Camphausen, Maximilian Otten, Ingmar Schwarz
Journal/Conference Name 2020 IEEE International IOT, Electronics and Mechatronics Conference (IEMTRONICS)
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Paper Abstract Inference of Convolutional Neural Networks in time critical applications usually requires a GPU. In robotics or embedded devices these are often not available due to energy, space and cost constraints. Furthermore, installation of a deep learning framework or even a native compiler on the target platform is not possible. This paper presents a neural network code generator (NNCG) that generates from a trained CNN a plain ANSI C code file that encapsulates the inference in single a function. It can easily be included in existing projects and due to lack of dependencies, cross compilation is usually possible. Additionally, the code generation is optimized based on the known trained CNN and target platform following four design principles. The system is evaluated utilizing small CNN designed for this application. Compared to TensorFlow XLA and Glow speed-ups of up to 11.81 can be shown and even GPUs are outperformed regarding latency.
Date of publication 2020
Code Programming Language Python

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